Thursday, 4 September 2014

Pregnancy Weeks 8-12

Week 8

Due date:  February 28, 2014
How far along: 8 Weeks, 3 days  
Babies progress: Baby is the size of a raspberry.  Apparently her finger and toe webbing and tail is almost gone.  Sounds like the tadpole is turning into a frog….
Next appointment:  I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon!
Gender:  I think it’s a boy.  That’s a completely random guess though because I have been feeling so well and girls generally cause a lot of grief!
Total weight gain/loss:  1 lb….probably more my summer eating habits than baby weight though!
Exercise: Still working out as much as I can.  I get out of breath very quickly so my cardio has definitely been scaled back and I have to rest more when doing weights.
Stretch marks: None.  But I really need to get myself some belly butter.
Maternity clothes:  Not yet, although if the bloat I have been experiencing this week continues, a belly band might be in order!
Sleep:  With my snoogle pregnancy pillow it’s much better!  If I don’t sleep with it I constantly wake up to make sure that I’m not sleeping on my back. (You can sleep on your back in early pregnancy, but for me I found that it caused issues when peeing and my back was hurting).  I generally get up once a night to go to the bathroom.
Symptoms:  A bit of spotting, which always worries me.  Fatigue, but not too bad.  A bit of nausea.  I think that I’m not quite as hormonal, but you might have to ask Ryan about that…. I get out of breath, so easily!
What I miss:  Although I don’t actually miss the taste of wine, I miss sipping on it when I’m hanging out with family or friends.
What I'm loving:  How easy everything has been so far.  Although I have had some paranoid moments where I was sure I was miscarrying, so far I really can’t complain about this pregnancy as I have been feeling great!
What I'm looking forward to: Telling our families this week! 
Best moment this week: Going to my first ultrasound today and seeing the heartbeat.  Such a relief!
Dad says: He’s so excited now that I have seen a heartbeat.  (He didn’t come to the first ultrasound as there really isn’t much to see and he works with a bunch of nosy nellies who would automatically assume that I was pregnant!)
To baby:  What a relief to see your little heart just fluttering this morning!  You’re alive and we are so happy about that!  Today you looked like a little peanut but next time we see you, you will look like a real baby!  We can’t wait to meet you!

Week 9

What Fruit are you? A grape
Next appointment:  August 18
Food cravings:  A slight craving for Pad Thai this week!
Symptoms:  A bit of nausea, the fatigue has kicked in this past week and I’ve been allowing myself a latte a day at work.
What I'm loving:  The pregnancy so far has been way easier than expected.  I’m lucky!
Best moment this week: Telling our parents that we were expecting!  Such a special moment to finally get to share with them and they were so excited!
Name ideas: We still haven’t even talked about this.  I feel like I will jinx it if we discuss names this early.

Week 10

What Fruit are you? A prune.
Next appointment:  An ultrasound next week due to some bleeding that I had last week.  I had some bright red spotting when I wiped, so I ended up going to the ER.  They did an ultrasound where we saw our little baby bouncing around and waving at us!  So exciting to share this with Ryan!  However I have a subchorionic collection which basically means that there is some blood pooling between the baby and the placenta, so they have ordered another ultrasound for next week to check on it.   This can cause a miscarriage, but from what I’ve read many pregnancies go on to be fine, and the doctor told me that mine was very small.  For now I’m supposed to take it easy.  I’m trying really hard not to stress about it!
Gender:  I’m still feeling boy.  One of our friends said her first instinct was girl. 
Total weight gain/loss:  I’ve been avoiding weighing myself since I’ve been eating so badly!
Exercise: We were on vacation this past week, so the exercise was minimal.  Some yoga, a few bike rides and I did a bit of weights one day.  Along with taking it easy though that means no exercise for the next little bit.  It’s actually kind of a relief to not have to worry about it, but I hope at some point I can work out again to make myself as healthy as possibly for both the labour and recovery.
Sleep: Most nights I get up to use the bathroom once, but if I don’t drink anything in the hours before bed I sometimes don’t have to.  Bonus!
Symptoms:  Fatigue is still there.  Walking around on vacation made me extremely exhausted!  Luckily a nap a day was possible.  Going back to work will be tough.
Movement:  None on the outside, but seeing our baby move was amazing!
What I'm looking forward to:  Our ultrasound next week and hopefully the news that everything is looking good….
Best moment this week: Despite the stress that came along with it, our ultrasound was pretty amazing.  Also, while on vacation we told me sister about the pregnancy.  She might of cried, just a little bit, and we have pictures to prove it!  We told our friends as well on a trip to Darien Lake.  Not drinking or going on any rides (besides the Ferris Wheel) would have been a dead giveaway anyways.  

Week 11

What Fruit are you? A Brussel sprout
Babies progress: Baby is now a fetus! What a milestone! 
Next appointment:  My 12 week appointment in a week
Total weight gain/loss:  I will get weighed at my appointment next week.  I’ve been avoiding the scale like the plague even though I’m sure what I feel is weight gain is probably more bloat than anything…
Exercise:  Nothing at all since the doctor told me to “take it easy”  Hopefully I’m given the go ahead next week to work out again.
Stretch marks: Nothing yet, although I’m surprised with all of the recent “your boobs are huge” comments that there are none up there… I bought Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter when I was in the States last week, so I’m going to start using that
Sleep: Pretty good besides getting up to pee once per night.  I’m also having very vivid dreams on a nightly basis!
Symptoms:  Boobs still hurt pretty badly on and off.  Often when I wake up in the morning they kill!  A bit of nausea, fatigue….still nothing to complain about, just stuff to take note of.
What I miss:  Exercise.  Although it’s been nice to not have to worry about it for a week and a half, I do miss it and am starting to feel flabby.  At least exercise would make me feel like I’m doing something to stay in shape!
What I'm loving:  That we’re almost at the end of the first trimester!  I get less nervous every week!
What I'm looking forward to:  Telling our extended family.  That needs to get done this coming week!
Best moment this week: Although the ultrasound was a follow up after discovering my subchorionic hematoma last week, it was pretty awesome!  Baby was moving around like crazy and I will never get enough of seeing that little bean!
Name ideas: I’m excited to finally start talking about this soon, but not quite yet…

Week 12

What Fruit are you? Baby is the size of a plum.
Next appointment:  Monday
Gender:  I’m thinking Girl now.  That's just a random thought though.  I'm sure it will keep going back and forth!
Total weight gain/loss:  Will find out on Monday, yikes!
Exercise: Still none.  Hopefully given the go ahead at my appointment.
Stretch marks: Started using Palmer’s belly cream.  I hate the feeling of it, it’s sticky and gross, so I’ve only used it a couple of days instead of every day like I should.
Maternity clothes:  Nothing yet.  My shirts are a bit snug.  I’m hoping to go shopping this week to buy some loser fitting shirts that I would be able to wear for the next couple of months, and after baby.
Food cravings:  Just food in general.  I loved it before, but I really love it now!
Symptoms:  Sore boobs, but other than that, feeling pretty good!  The odd bit of cramps once in awhile.
What I'm loving: That we are at 12 weeks! 
What I'm looking forward to:  Hearing the heartbeat!  Telling more people this week.
Best moment this week: Getting some pregnancy announcement pics taken by my brother and sister-in-law.  They turned out so well! 
Name ideas: I wrote out a list of my name ideas for Ryan so that he could look.  A few have been crossed off already as definite no’s, but not much progress has been made.  How do people have names picked out by 15 weeks?  I think we will be almost full term before we come to a decision. 


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