Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bump Date: 17 Weeks

What Fruit are you?  A turnip.  Or an onion.
Next appointment:  Thursday!
Gender:  I still think girl, but then we did the needle test and it said boy.  I know none of this stuff really works, but who knows!
Total weight gain/loss:  I will find out at my appointment on Thursday, but I don’t really think I have gone up too much. 
Exercise:  Exercising on the regular, or trying to.  Probably getting around 4-5 workouts a week in.  I went to a weights class at work this week and some of the ladies were pretty impressed that I was still working out.  It made me feel good, but I think that exercising during pregnancy should be the norm.
Stretch marks:  Nothing yet.
Maternity clothes:  I wore maternity pants for the first time this week.  They are amazing!  So comfortable and much more flattering as they make me look pregnant rather than cutting my belly off in the middle of it.  I bought another pair on Friday night, but I need to go out an get more for sure.  Still able to wear regular shirts though.  
Food cravings:  I’m really enjoying pickled beets.  I had some at my in laws last week and I was at my parents on Friday night and knew I had to raid their fridge for some since we don’t have any at home.  I should probably buy some.  Or have Ryan buy me some, that’s what husbands are for, right?
Symptoms:  Heartburn has started.  And it comes with bad acid reflux.  I have had reflux for awhile but now I can feel it burning in my throat.  Not fun.  But once again, if this is the worst symptom I have I really can’t complain!  So far everything has been easy peasy.  Is there really a baby in there?  Oh and I have all this peach fuzz on my belly.  Luckily it’s very light, so I think I’m the only one that can notice it, but I feel like I’m turning into a fuzzy bear.
Movement:  Nothing yet.  Anxiously waiting!
What I miss:  This week was the first time I really missed wine.  I was at a conference for work and this introvert could definitely use a glass to loosen up!  And everyone was drinking pretty heavily and I had to keep explaining that I was pregnant.  
What I'm loving:  Still how easy this has been. I could do this at least 3 more times (Ryan).
What I'm looking forward to:  My appointment this week.  Just want to hear that heartbeat again.  I always need the reassurance that everything is fine.
Best moment this week: Putting on maternity pants an realizing that I actually look pregnant.


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