Tuesday, 8 October 2013


Today is this guys birthday.  He's 30.  The big 3-0.

So being a very important birthday, this week has been full of birthday activities.  We started with a party for Ryan with his friends on Saturday night.  One of his friends made a Plink-O board (or drink-o might be more accurate).  It was a dangerous game.
 It was also a game which resulted in some twerking lessons. 
 We also had a birthday dinner at my parents house on Friday night.  30 candles is a lot, so my dad felt the need to light them with a blow torch. 

And then last night Ryan and I went out for his birthday dinner.  We went to this local restaurant that has half price burgers on Monday.  2 burgers, a beer, a diet coke and the most delicious hot fudge cake ever came to $31 with taxes and tip.  And that my friends is the way to this accountant's heart.  I thought it was his birthday, not mine!

Anyways, back to the birthday boy.  So all of this took place before his birthday.  Last but not least we are off to his parents for another birthday dinner tonight.  He's obviously spoiled!  But I love food, so I'm not going to complain.

I can't believe you're 30 lil guy.  I hope you have an awesome birthday and enjoy every minute!  Can't wait to celebrate some more with you tonight. Happy Birthday fella.


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