Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Spelling Lesson

Yesterday, I was writing a paper for my course and I couldn't for the life of me remember whether in Canada we spell it analyze or analyse.  (FYI, it can be either.)  So I came across this website that lists British, Canadian and American spelling of words, and there were some on there that I didn't even realize were different!

The obvious ones are things like colour (color), labour (labor) and all thouse other ou words. but did you know that aging can actually be spelled as ageing?  Here are some other fun ones:

  • In England the actual spelling of airplane is aeroplane
  • Canadian's and American's spell it artifact, but in England it's artefact
  • Calibre in Canada is caliber in the US
  • Centre in Canada is center in the US (I knew about this one and always spell it as centre, but how confusing is that for kids, I remember thinking that it was a dumb way to spell it!)
  • We say lasagna, England says lasagne
  • Canadians wear pyjamas, but Americans wear pajamas
  • Apparently in England a tire is known as a tyre
  • The appropriate spelling in Canada is grey, but in the US it's gray (but I spell it however I feel on that day!)
  • Dependant in Canada is Dependent in the States
Do any of these surprise you?
And this is just because it's hilarious and it's hump day...

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