Thursday, 10 October 2013


Oh hi there, my name is Kaileigh and I'm finally getting around to recapping what happened on Sunday night.  Maybe I should just start blogging a week behind and pretending that it's what happened on the most recent weekend?  It might make life easier.

We started with some Starbucks and West Elm in Liberty Village
On Sunday night, 5 of us ladies travelled down to Toronto to attend Battle of the Blades!  If you have never heard of this fantastic show before, it's basically like Dancing With the Stars, but skating style.  They match former NHL players up with professional figure skaters and these tough NHL guys have to learn how to figure skate.

The show is awesome and watching it live is even better.  It's pretty scary when this hockey player who has been wearing skates with toe picks for less than 2 months starts lifting girls above his head. 
 But luckily, nobody got hurt.  They never fail to amaze me week after week!
Marie-France Dubreil

 After the show, the participants all stick around for pictures and autographs.  There aren't a ton of seats in the arena, so it's kind of nice that they are able to do this.  The highlight of the night of course was the picture we got with judge PJ Stock. 


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