Monday, 1 April 2013

Clucking Bunnies

As you may have heard, this past weekend was Easter.  There are many pros to Easter.  Family time, chocolate, food and of course a day off from work.  It was a good, and very busy weekend!

We went out to Ryan's parents on Friday.  We went for a short walk to check out all of the wood that they have cut this year.  This time last year we probably could have gone on a long walk.  This year wasn't really ideal for walking though.  There is still a bit of snow but it's wet and melty and slippery.  So the walk was short.
Saturday we had a family easter combined with a birthday party.  The family always has so much fun when we get together.  And you are never too old for the cousins picture around the birthday cake!

We also had a giant game of crud.  Crud is a game that you play on a pool table.  You only use the cue ball and the 8 ball and it's all about throwing the cue ball and hitting the eight ball.  You want to hit it before it stops moving.  If you do, then the next person goes.  If it stops moving before you hit it, you get a strike.  4 strikes and you are out of the game.  Last person standing wins.  That's the shortened version.

So we played a giant game of crud with about 9 people.  I hadn't played since I was much younger so it was a lot of fun!

We also had a dinner at my parent's house.  3 family dinners makes for a busy weekend! 

You know what I miss though?  Easter egg hunts.  I really do.  Sometimes growing up really sucks.

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