Thursday, 18 April 2013

Punta Canada

Punta Canada is what everyone who tried to sell us something said when they asked where we were from.  They thought they were being original, but they obviously weren't.

So it's pretty hard to shorten one great week and 440 pictures into one blog post, but I'm attempting to do it.  Last week we travelled to the Grand Palladium Punta Cana for one of Ryan's friends weddings.  This meant that I was travelling with 9 guys and one other wife basically.  It made for an interesting week.

To start the trip off, we had a flight that left at 6:20 in the morning.  So we decided to stay in a hotel the night before.  Unfortunately the latest shuttle we could get was at 2:30am.  So the boys decided to stay up all night and have a few beers in the hotel room (because we weren't going to get enough of those at the all inclusive resort).  Needless to say, the airport and the flight were slightly painful.  It was painful for me and I was sober and had three hours sleep.
The resort was nice.  It had decent food, and a lot of a la carte restaurants, so we only ate at the buffet one night.  The only downfall was how big the resort was.  Most of the time it didn't matter, because we had a pool and the beach and a buffet very close to us.  But, if we wanted to go to the Sports Bar, which had food 24 hours, it was a 15 minute walk or you had to find one of these golf carts or the train to take you.  Don't worry, we didn't actually steal this golf cart.
Ryan pretending to drive fast
Sometimes Ryan didn't make it to dinner (by sometimes I mean once) and so mullet man was my date.  I'm a lucky girl.  (The mullet isn't real, in case you were concerned.)

We did a dune buggying excursion with our group.  It was alright.  The best part  was probably the fresh water caves that they took us swimming in. 

Oh and then there's the reason for this whole trip.  The wedding.  The wedding was beautiful, although very hot! 

The guys were amazed by the flying boat all week.  Until they found out that it was $75 for a 10 minute ride.
Hey look!  A flying boat!

Because our husbands wouldn't do it with us - knees together Kaileigh...
 We had some free time between the ceremony and dinner, so it was back to the pool for us!

After dinner, they had a beach party for just the wedding guests.  All wedding receptions should be held on the beach, no shoes required. 
Of course you would steal a kayak for the Harlem Shake - seriously we don't know where she got the kayak
 The evening ended with myself, my friend Charity and the bride practicing our ballet (or ring around the rosie as the bride's son called it) in the ocean. 
And no trip is complete without pool beer pong.  Ok maybe it is, but we played anyways!

Trips are never as interesting to anyone else as it is to the people who were there, so I will end my post here.  It was a great week though.  I went in not really knowing what to expect, but in the end, you can't complain about sun, sand and good friends!

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