Monday, 15 April 2013

Home Again Home Again

You may have notice I have been absent for a week.  We just got home from the Dominican Republic yesterday!  I had this great plan to do about 3 scheduled posts while I was gone.  Well obviously that didn't happen.  What can you do.

So I don't have the time to say much today and go into the details of our trip.  We went for a friends wedding, and it was a really great trip.  There was some sickness amongst the guys, but I think that overall we all had fun.  The only time we would all go on a trip together is for a wedding, so it was great to have an excuse.

It's good to be home though.  Our bodies were ready for normal again. The kitten won't let us out of her sight.  I feel kind of badly leaving her to go to work. 


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