Saturday, 18 August 2012

I Stopped Cooking With Cheese

I went to naturopath to have some food sensitivity testing done.  Wanna know what I'm not supposed to eat for the next month?

Beef, dairy, sugar, ketchup, broccoli, butter.....

Those are my main concerns.  Dairy is the big one.  Ryan and I eat cheese on....well, everything.  I start my day with cereal.  I guess that's out.  I eat leftovers for lunch.  And seriously, almost every meal we make has cheese in it.

{via} All I'm allowed to eat - but not the broccoli or yellow pepper

And no, I'm not actually off sugar.  That's just ridiculous.  And impossible.  What am I supposed to eat?  I don't know.  But I am really trying my hardest at the other stuff.

So apparently if I give my body a rest from the things that I'm not digesting properly, I get better?  I don't know.  A bunch of naturopathic voodoo if you ask me.  But at this point I might as well try it.  I have been off these things since Tuesday. And taking some of the voodoo medicine.  So far I haven't seen a change in the actual stomach issues.  Hopefully by the end of this I do.  I'm not giving up cheese and ice cream for nothing.  It's kind of a forced diet though, which can't be bad for me and Ryan. 

So Ryan has been trying to get used to the new foods that I'm making.  He's trying, that's what matters.  He put cheese on my garlic bread the other night, but then he picked it off.  Overall, he is being supportive.  He is sick of me burping.  There I said it.  The cat's out of the bag.  Not only does my stomach hurt but I burp like 100 times a day and it's really annoying and unattractive.  Now everybody knows the full story.  Man being honest on a blog is weird.

Do you know how many cheesecakes I have in my freezer?  Well only 2, but now that I can't eat them I really really want them...

{via} Why did I search cheesecake pictures?  I want some so badly
All of this rambling has really just made me want something cheesy.  I better go find something delicious to distract me from that.

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  1. hi there! newest follower to your blog! after reading this post i just haaad to comment... i recently went to a naturopath (not so sure how i feel about them but i have a friend who swears by one so i figured i would give it a go..) and she told me i probably have a food allergy to eggs! eggs are in eeeevvvverything! blah. i am trying not to eat them as much but in no way am i going to give it all up completely. good luck!!! cheese is my fave thing on the planet!