Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Beginning of Something Special

In Progress
My basement plans are at least moving along.  Slowly but surely. 

They started with bringing this baby into the room.  I bought the cushion new from Pier 1 and bought the chair used from Kijiji for $100.  It came with a brown fuzzy cushion, which unfortunately is much more comfortable than the green one that I bought, but brown isn't really in my colour scheme.  So I didn't really save much on the chair, but I might try selling the cushion.  And we sold the old electric fireplace that used to be there that we never used.  Kijiji for $30.  I wished we had put a higher price on it because there was so much interest.  Live and learn.

Also last week, I got my Tonic Living fabric samples in the mail.  Tonic Living ships out of Toronto, and their prices aren't bad.  Plus you can order samples for $1 each plus $2 shipping on the whole order.  So I ordered about 10 different samples. 

So here's the plan for this room.
  • The chair and the TV are going to switch places
  • Floating bookshelves are going to be put up in the corner behind the chair.  I'm hoping for 4-6 shelves in total to make it a little reading nook
  • I want to get a cushion for the wood box, and cover it in one of the fabrics
  • We need bar stools, they may or may not get covered in the same fabric as the wood box, depending on where the stools come from and what their current condition is
  • I really need to make me some curtains.  It will be out of a different but matching fabric.  I may make some pillows to match (I don't know how to sew, so hopefully I can learn)
  • I also need to buy some throw pillows, currently we got nothin'
  • On Ryan's side of things, he wants to replace the doors into the furnace room and change the trim
  • He would also love to make the bathroom bigger and add a shower, that may be a longer term plan
  • Obviously the painting still needs to be done, the walls are going to be grey and we will change that wooden strip above the panelling to be white
  • And last but not least, I plan for my gallery wall to go in this room, if I ever get up the nerve to put that many holes in the wall
I guess it's a fair bit of work, but none of it's overly complicated or expensive.  So I say before any money has been spent.
Pretty sure we are going with the second lightest paint, and I really love this material
Bar stools required

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