Wednesday, 15 August 2012

There's Something New 'Round Here

I'm in the office blogging, Ryan is hanging pictures.  Ryan says: "Are you documenting this? I thought you were a blogger"

I think I was just reprimanded by my husband for being a bad blogger, while I was blogging.  Geez, how are you supposed to document life and write blog posts all at the same time?

Anyways, on our final vacation day (yes I'm slightly behind posting this), we were just doing stuff around the house.  We got a new mirror, and hung up some additional pictures, and stared lovingly at my new Gurgle Pot.

The Gurgle Pot in it's natural habitat...for now
This is the Gurgle Pot Michaela gave me for doing a reading at her wedding.  I have told Ryan that this is a decoration and it's not to be put in the cupboard.  He hates having things on the counter though, so we will see how long it lasts there. 
Just in time for me to check myself out all dolled up for Michaela's wedding
The mirror has been a long time coming.  I knew I wanted one for here.  We didn't have a full length mirror anywhere in the house, which makes getting dressed difficult for a woman.  Who knows what I have looked like from the waist down for the past 8 months.

The mirror really completes the hallway.  It feels more homey.  Every time we put up anything new on the walls, it just feels a bit more like a home.  Maybe we should keep doing it slowly and dragging this out!  At this rate, my house should be decorated by 2020.  Just in time for everything to be very outdated and ready to be done again.  Isn't that how it usually goes?


  1. I love those Gurgle Pots! They're so funny. My nieces and nephews love listening to them and they giggle along with it making it twice as hilarious. And those pictures look great together! Such a cute addition.

  2. Hey now....since we are talking about documenting....where is the post about Maw Maw and all the hours that went into making those danged living room curtains...and the wonderful terrific deal you got on them thanks to your keen eye at IKEA coupled with your maw maw's great shopping & sewing skills!!!!! :(

  3. Love the mirror! And I agree -- home isn't complete without a full length mirror!