Monday, 27 August 2012

The Story of Some Dates and Some Cake

We had two unofficial date nights this past weekend.  Friday night we made dinner, went for a walk and watched American Reunion with no interruptions.  It was fantastic.

Then on Sunday, we went to dinner at Ryan's parents and were home by 7!  So Ryan said let's have another date and watch a movie.  (I don't think this counts as a date, but whatev). 

We started watching The Fighter, but got bored.  So we switched to unwatched episodes of Cougar Town. 

I had two pieces of cake.  See that little blob down at the bottom of the picture? (Sorry for the lack of quality, Ryan was trying to capture the moment on his blackberry.)  That's my second piece.  I knocked it off my plate while trying to get under the blanket.  I think that it was trying to tell me that two pieces was too many.  Well I showed it.  I threw out that piece and got another one.  And yes, I hate to waste cake, but with a German Shepherd running around the house all weekend I just didn't want to risk little hairs in my icing.
Then I fell asleep during Cougar Town and we went to bed at 9.  Craziness.  Don't try this at home folks, I don't think you could handle the craziness that is our life!

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  1. Aw man, my last roommate had two very hairy dogs. You couldn't eat anything off the floor! Even the best cake ever. But now when I drop random bits of food, I actually have to clean it up instead of just calling the dogs in. So I guess you win some, you lose some. :)