Friday, 3 August 2012

Rehearsing a Wedding

1. Ryan and his mom at the rehearsal dinner 2. The backyard the day before the wedding 3. Wooden vase favours made by Ryan's dad 4.  The tent that Ryan built (ok he just set it up, didn't build it) 5.  The aisle 6. The flower girl gets a toy 7. The happy couple - Amy and Jamie 8. Setting up the favour table the night before the wedding

There are the pre-wedding events in a nutshell.  The girls started the day but getting our nails did together.  It was overall a pretty low key day because it was a small 50 person wedding and the hall set most things up.  So we just had to pick up flowers, set up the centre pieces and favours and make sure the backyard was ready to go.  We had the rehearsal and then went over to Boston Pizza next to the hotel for the rehearsal dinner. 

We also got a gift from Amy at the rehearsal.  She got us these beautiful necklaces from the Tyra Handmade Etsy shop and a Starbucks gift card.  I love me some Starbucks.  But the real star of the show was the flower girl.  She got an Elmo in a tux, and she really loved that thing.

So there we have it, the day before the big day.  Tomorrow I will have a recap of the actual wedding.  On another note, last night was Michaela's rehearsal.  I'm doing a reading, and so I got a gift.  She got me a gurgle pot!  This is why I love her.  I had briefly mentioned that I wanted one and she just went out and got it.

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  1. The necklace is super pretty!!! I love it. I have been totally loving your blog, you're super cute!!

    Also, I nominated you for The Liebster Blog award by the way - check out my post to see what you do next :)