Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ranting about McDonald's and Coffee

Two posts in one day?  I know crazy.  But some things just need to be said.

What was going to start as a rant about coffee has turned into a rant about McDonald's as well.

First of all, I went to McDonald's for breakfast this morning on my way to work because I did something crazy and went to 6:30 am yoga and I also had a coupon.  So I order my BLT bagel because it is cheese free, and a hash brown (yum) and a coffee. 

So I get to the office and take a look at my coffee to find this.

Can someone tell me where the rest of my coffee is?  If I order a black coffee, that means I'm not adding anything to it.  So fill it up please.  At least to that line at the top.  Isn't that what that line is for?

Side rant: You know when you go to a restaurant for breakfast and the coffee is unlimited?  Does anyone else hate it when they don't constantly fill up your coffee?  Only a non-coffee drinking waitress would not fill it up.  If I order unlimited coffee it's because I want to enjoy 6 cups of it over breakfast.  Clearly this girl at McDoon's wasn't a coffee drinker either. 

Ok back to McDonald's.  So then after my coffee annoyance I open up my "BLT".
Does that looks like a BLT?  To me it looks like an egg and bacon bagel with cheese. 

I have nothing more to say.


  1. I hate when my order gets messed up!! Who has time to really check their order before they pull off?! They should make sure it's right. Haha. End rant.