Thursday, 16 August 2012

This Week in Yoga Land

Last night I went to yoga (yay on keeping up my resolution for more than one week!), and something happened that had never happened before.

You begin and end the class in savasana.  Savasana is a fancy yoga word for lying down.  Like nap time, but not.  You are supposed to completely empty your mind.  Do you know how hard this is?  Our minds are always running.  I usually lie there and think about a million things, and then think about how I'm supposed to be thinking nothing. We talk to ourselves constantly.  (Maybe that's just me?  I'm pretty sure everyone must do this).  But last night, for the first time in my three years of yoga, my mind was empty.  (That is until I started congratulating myself on having an empty mind).  But really, we did savasana three times, and all three times, my mind wasn't running.  I wasn't talking to myself.  It was a weird feeling.  But it felt so good.  Kind of hazy. 

Maybe a lot of people reach this point before I did.  I don't know.  But for me, I think that I just broke through a major barrier.  I'm super proud of myself!


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