Monday, 6 August 2012

What We Usually Do

Really this has not much to do with me.  I'm just the photographer.  Every Sunday Funday, Tali makes caesers for herself, my dad and Ryan.  This actually occurred on a Monday, so I guess it's not what we usually do.  If you have never made a caeser, apparently they are pretty good.  I googled them and they are virtually unknown outside of Canada according to Wikipedia.

First, you should either be hungover, enjoying some cottage living, or just in the mood for a caeser.  Easy enough I would say.
Next, slice a lemon.  With a wedge, run it along the rim of your glass.

The prior step is so that the rimmer sticks when you set the rim of the glass on it.  Oh and of course add some vodka.  Unless you are pregnant, or just don't like vodka in your caeser.  In which case, I would tell you, drink a lemonade. 

Pour in Clamato.  Something about clam juice mixed with tomato juice disturbs me.  But I suppose it doesn't taste too bad.

Add Tobasco sauce.  I have heard of some people who find that restaurants never make their caeser spicy enough, so they carry Tobasco sauce with them.  Sounds crazy to me.  If you make a caeser at home though you don't have to worry about this problem.

Add some Worcestershire sauce.
 Add salt and pepper.
 Thumbs up for caesers and steak sandwiches.
 And in case you want a better look at those steak sandwiches.  They were delicious.

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