Thursday, 2 August 2012

I'm on Vacation

Did I forget to mention that I wouldn't be blogging due to a vacation break?  We have spent the past four days up at the cottage for our vacation.  The only access to the internet that we had was on our phones.  And apparently my phone doesn't like blogs.  I was so behind in my reading.  Before that, we spent 3 days preparing for and celebrating Ryan's little sister's wedding.  Tonight we have a rehearsal dinner for one of my bestest friend's weddings.  She will be married on Saturday and I can't wait to celebrate with her!

Because I'm lazy and have a million and one pictures to go through, here are just a few from what we have been doing for the past few days.  There will be more, in more detail.  A lot has gone on and one post cannot cover it.

Slightly challenged when it comes to champagne
Gettin' pretty
I accidentally burned my knees....2 months ago! Oops

At the head table

Some relaxin' after a busy busy weekend
Goal for this weekend's festivities: actually have a picture that I am in...Ryan, I'm talking to you.

In other news, the Olympics are still going on.  They are doing an awful job of covering them.  I feel like nothing is live.  How about you don't ruin Canada's silver medal in women's rowing by playing it after it's taken place.  It would be great for the results to be a surprise!  Do Americans get as excited about medals as Canadians do? Every medal for us is a surprise and a huge accomplishment.  You 'merican's get so many.  Is it even exciting? I'm sure it is....

We are still waiting for our first gold by the way.  And by waiting I mean we don't know if we will actually get one.  I'm hoping that our badminton team wins, since they are now in the semi-finals, due to the fact that half of the other teams were disqualified.  We take what we can get.  It's basically a medal for playing fair.  Whatever.

Is anyone still reading my Olympic ramblings? Probably not.  Go Canada!

Ok I'm off to prepare for this rehearsal, possibly work out and watch the Vampire Diaries since I am going through withdrawal.  Kaileigh, out!

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