Monday, 27 August 2012

When Cousins Meet

Willis came to stay this weekend.  Willis is our fur nephew. 

By this point in the walk, he had already had a very messy poo, which I got all over my hands trying to pick up and we had to go home, wash up and then leave again.  I love the dog, but this made me realize why I don't want one.  Big dogs do not have cute poop. 
First we took him on a walk up to the Car Show.  Honestly, I didn't even walk around and look at all of the cars.
I just sat under this tent for about 20 minutes and then went home.  Not entirely sure why I went... just for something to do I guess.
But when we took him home, the moment we had been waiting for happened.  The meeting of Willis and Pipsi.  Pipsi plays (or fights) with Oliver, but he is her size.  We weren't sure what she would think of Willis.
This is what she thought.
Then she decided to keep him within eyesight. 
Luckily, they have grown on each other.  I don't know if that's the right term for it actually.  They kind of just tolerate and ignore each other.  Willis is a lover, not a fighter.  He really just lays around most of the time.  Pipsi watches him and eats his food.  Ryan thinks cats eat dog food because its like treats, like if someone put some cheesy delicious nachos in front of a person, you can't resist.  I think that it's because she is showing dominance over him.  Maybe it's both.

So the two pets made it through the weekend without injuring each other.  I made it through the weekend without getting poop on me more than once.  We can't really ask for much more.

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  1. My parents have three cats and my fiance and I have a puppy. Needless to say the cats reacted very similarly at first to our pup as Pipsi did! Two of three are used to him by now, but one is still a little leary.