Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas Morning

Once again, we had a fantastic Christmas morning at the Osbott house!  This year, Ryan and I were super lame and bought a dishwasher instead of doing Christmas gifts.  So instead, we just did stockings.

Ryan's favourite gift - 4 boxes of smarties

Eager for her new toys
I must say, for a husband, Ryan did a great job!  Sure, I gave him ideas, but he executed them!  

Pipsi loved the paper as well and also enjoyed getting some new toys to play with.

When we were done, we drove down to my parents for more present opening.  I'm just going to show you the pictures, because my family is slightly insane.
Zoomies - so cool

My brother's Hogwart's acceptance letter

My mom has this cutting board that she hates the feel of because it's too rough - so my dad oiled it

Ryan and his best friend - or not

New suspenders, looks good with the pjs
My dad got this note writing board for Christmas - and used it all morning

Is my main gift used? It has dirt on it!

Nope your main gift is actually a new bike

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