Thursday, 19 December 2013

The 7th Day of Christmas: Things My Mom Told Me

I was a very inquisitive child.  I think that this may have challenged my mother a little bit as she needed an answer for everything. 
I love Santa! Simply brings a warm heart and a smile!

I was just thinking about this time when I wanted a new game for a children's video game system that I had.  We went to the store and I was told by the employee there that they didn't have any and only Santa could get those games.  My mom doesn't remember this, so I'm not sure whether I was wanting to buy the game myself and she was getting it for me for Christmas, but clearly she had a discussion with this employee to deter me from wanting the game.  But it wasn't til recently that I thought about this again and realized that this was kind of strange.  

My mom always wrapped my Santa presents in a different paper then the presents from her and my dad.  One year (when I was still quite young) she wrapped them in the same paper.  I caught onto that.  I also had talked with my friends and realized that Santa didn't wrap everyone else's presents.  So she told me that Santa doesn't have time to wrap and after Santa had delivered the presents she had to go downstairs and wrap them all.
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These things kept me believing in Santa for a long time.  Part of that was because I was the oldest child, I think that this kind of extends your childhood a bit because you don't have any older siblings who know what is actually going on.  But I love that I was able to believe in magic for so long.

Then Harry Potter came along and I started believing in magic again....

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