Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Oooh Puppy

Look what I have!
Okay so it's not exactly my puppy....but I kind of wish it was.  This little man will belong to my sister's boyfriend and I'm totally jealous.  They wanted a golden doodle and there were some available down the road from us.  But as Dean goes to school in Ohio and his parents are on vacation, they sent Tali and myself to pick out a puppy for them.  I know, I'm surprised that they trusted us too, because the last puppy that we chose turned out to be slightly insane.  We tried to choose a calmer puppy this time instead of the most rambunctious puppy in the litter!
 It took everything I had not to take one of these little guys home with me.  

This picture is of the little boy and the little girl that we were deciding between.  He was about twice as heavy as she was, he's going to be a big boy!  She seemed a bit too timid so we decided to go with the more masculine doodle so that Dean can feel more manly as he is walking a giant Golden Doodle.
Just look at those faces!  Ryan, I know we said no presents this year, but I'm pretty sure one of these little guys would fit in my stocking!


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  1. Come on it. Oliver needs a cousin, or niece or whatever the heck your dog would be to him.
    I can get you a supply of little flags to mark the doggy doo with on your lawn.