Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Family Celebrations

I promise this is my last Christmas post.  But I had to get in something about our extended family celebrations.  

On Christmas day, we went to my aunt and uncle's mill for my dad's family Christmas.  We had only seen this entire family 4 times in the past 2 weeks and we weren't sick of them yet.

It started out with some skating.  I went outside, but I didn't skate.  Funny since I used to be a figure skater.  But I just don't like winter enough.  I figured by the time I got my skates on I would be ready to go inside.  (I don't know why it's snowing in my picture, but it's kind of neat.)

 The rest of the day was spent doing what this family does best.  

Playing games.
And playing music.
 And then there's this kid.  He melts my heart.
 I asked these two to climb up on a chair so I could take their picture, and since they are 2 and a half, they listened, because at that age they still do what you tell them to do.

That's Jamie's cheese face.  Every single time, he has one eye closed.  It cracks me up.
 Boxing day we went to my Grandma's house, or my mom's mom's house.  The family is slightly smaller so it's much quieter.  We had a delicious catered meal, which was nice because nobody had to do any work.
 Then we opened presents.  This little guy was 4 days old last Christmas.  It's crazy what a change a year can make.

 And just like that Christmas was over.  


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