Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The Hills Are Alive

I finally finished watching the Live version of The Sound of Music.  I had seen some reviews on it, and almost didn't want to watch because everyone said Carrie Underwood was terrible.  I didn't think she was that bad!  The girl is a singer, not an actress, so taking that into consideration I thought she was amazing.  
Michael Nigro as Friedrich, Ella Watt-Gorman as Louisa, Joe West as Kurt, Sophia Anne-Caruso as Brigitta, Grace Rundhaug as Marta, Ariane Rinehart as Liesl, Peyton Ella as Gretl and Carrie Underwood as Maria in The Sound of Music Live!.
I think that people had such high expectations of it because they thought it would be like the movie, but it was more of a cross between the movie and broadway.  When doing it live, it can't be like a movie, there's no real mountain!

And then I googled Maria Von Trapp.  Let me tell you, I kind of feel like my childhood is a lie.  And now I'm going to ruin it for all of you.  Apparently Maria really wanted to be a nun, and she wasn't in love with Captain Von Trapp.  She loved the children and that's why she agreed to marry him.  They also got married in 1927, not 1938.  They left Austria because they refused to sing for Hitler.  And she wasn't as pretty as Julie Andrews or Carrie Underwood, but I guess that's a bit shallow of me.  So let's just forget I said all of that and pretend that the movie is 100% factual.

And now I have had Sound of Music songs in my head for two days.  Yesterday morning it was The Sound of Music, yesterday afternoon it was How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria.  This morning it's Edelweiss.  I need less Sound of Music and more Christmas in my head!


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