Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Here Comes Santa to American Thanksgiving

There is something wrong when the Santa Clause parade is before Thanksgiving.  We were trying to figure out this whole American Thanksgiving thing on the weekend and why it was so late.  I'm not in a Thanksgiving mood, I'm in a Christmas mood!  But that doesn't meant that I will turn down a turkey.

So first things first, we went to the parade on Saturday night.  A bit more snow would have been nice, but it wasn't too cold, so I can't complain.  And Santa was looking good, like usual.

Then, as my sister's boyfriend goes to school in that silly country and was home this week, my mom decided to have a Thanksgiving dinner for him on Sunday.  

We look like a normal family from the outside, if only you could hear our dinner conversations.

And then this happened.  My brother currently is working for the Ottawa Senators hockey team, and he told us that he was standing down by the Zamboni doors.  So my family was sure that they saw him on the TV and spent approximately 5 minutes pausing and rewinding and looking for him.

Then he told us he wasn't down there anymore.

What can I say, my family is cool.

Happy Thankstmas.  (Ya I just created a new holiday).


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  1. that parade looks fun- even without snow!! haha and i would be doing the same thing trying to find someone on tv!
    Helene in Between