Monday, 24 February 2014

Gold Medal Game

On Sunday, Canada played against Sweden in the Olympic Gold Medal Game.  It started at 7am but that didn't stop us!  We had a party anyways!

Even the dog was cheering on Canada!
To be honest, I'm not a hockey lover.  (So un-Canadian of me!)  But I can enjoy the patriotism and the coming together of friends and family that hockey can bring, so of course I was there!

To be honest again, I didn't watch a lot of the game...and I missed all of the goals.  That's typical for me though, I swear I'm better luck when I'm not paying attention.

We had so much food...
And we won!  3-0.  But if the Women's gold medal game taught us anything, it was to not get too confident that we were going to win.  Anything can happen!  
The moment we won
We had a bunch of family there and a few friends and it was nice to be with people for this important event in Canadian history!

And just like that the Olympics are over.  Although not on top of the medal count, Canada did come in 3rd place (when counting by number of golds) or 4th place if you want to go by over all medals.  But for this little country with a population of 35 million people I think that's pretty impressive!  (You know what's more impressive, Norway came in second and have a population of 5 million people, wow!)  I love the olympics because they bring not only the entire country together, but the whole world.  

But the Olympics are about more than just medals.  We had some amazing stories come out of them that show who our Canadians really are and remind us of why we love our country.  

Oh well, at least now I can maybe get some stuff done on weekends again.


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  1. I LOVE this! I was born in Canada and my whole family is from there, even though I was raised in the states. My mom woke up at the crack of dawn to watch this game as well as the ceremonies haha :) Got to love our hockey, it almost equates being patriotic hahaha!