Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Everyone's Favourite Decade

I woke up this morning to Pipsi licking my face.  She wouldn't stop.  Then when it was actually time to wake up I had a massive headache.  I just feel blech.  (I hope you can understand what that word means since I made it up.)  It took everything I had to get up.  But the show must go on, and I guess I have to go to work.  But first, let's talk about everyone's favourite decade! (Well it's probably only your favourite if you were born in the 80's).

My cousin posted this article on my facebook the other other about the best things from the 90's.  The 90's were full of so many random things that kids now would probably think were crazy.  So I thought I would share a few of my favourite things off this list. 

Of course this list includes all of the great TV shows and music from the 90's.  Like the Macarena.  Who didn't know that dance?  Then there are books like The Babysitters Club and Nancy Drew.  I still want to be Nancy.  She was so smart. 

Does anyone remember the TV show the Secret World of Alex Mack?  I loved that show!  How cool is a girl with super powers! 

Then there are the random things that are just hilarious to think about:

Inflatable Furniture - So random
MASH - how devastating was it when you got stuck living in the shack and driving the bus?  Of course you would just redo it to get a better outcome.

Platform Shoes
Game Boy - I think they still have these, but they don't look like this thing anymore

Snap Hair Clips & Butterfly Clips - Because bobby pins just wouldn't do

Curly Shoelaces - So practical

Tamagotchi - I can't believe the teachers allowed these things in school.  I actually had a Nano and I had to take care of that baby all the time or it would die!  Feeding it and playing with it, it was exhausting.

There were a lot of awesome things about the 90's.  Most of them should stay in the 90's though.  Like those hair clips for example. 


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