Monday, 15 October 2012

What a Weekend

It was an incredibly boring weekend.  I sat around the house and worked on an assignment.  I had a few work outs.  I hung out with the cat and the puppy.  I watched The Grey and fell asleep.  Because that's typically what I do on Friday nights when I watch movies with Ryan.  I never make it through them. 

I did some laundry.  I did actually shower and went over to the neighbours house.  That was the big activity of the weekend that caused me to change out of my pajamas.

I tried to make the dog go to the washroom in the rain, but he wasn't having it.  When that is something that you feel should be mentioned on the blog, you know it was a boring weekend.  But I love boring weekends.  I wish I had more of them.  (Just maybe without the assignment doing). 
I tried to enhance this picture, then I realized a black dog is a black dog, I can't make him brighter

We did have Sunday Funday last night.  My parents came for dinner and we had fresh venison meatloaf.  It was delicious!

That's all folks.  I'll have something better for next Monday.   I promise.



  1. Was that double meaning that you can't make Oliver brighter intended? Poor little Ollie.
    However, the venison was delish even if you did trick us into complimenting it BEFORE we knew it was venison.

    1. No there was no double meaning there! I thought that by brightening the picture you would be able to see his eyes or something. It doesn't work like that.

      If I told you it was venison before you ate it, you might not have wanted it.

  2. I know the feeling with trying to change the resolution! Cute dog!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  3. What a cute pup. Honestly, that sounds like a great weekend. We all need a chill one sometimes.

  4. Boring weekends are the BEST! I'm counting down the days to where I have absolutely NOTHING to do on a weekend!!

  5. When most of your weekends are busy sometimes it's awesome to have a weekend like that :)

    excited to find another canadian blogger - its been super rare (for me anyway)! thanks for the follow. x