Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Jumping Salmon - A Blast From the Past

For lack of anything else to talk about (clearly I should have spread my Thanksgiving post out over a few days), I am going to tell you a story about salmon.

Up by our cottage, there is a salmon ladder.  For those of you who don't know, a salmon ladder is something that is built for salmon to aid them in swimming upstream.  Salmon swim upstream to lay their eggs.  At the end, there is a waterfalls.  They want to get into the calm water I guess.  So a ladder is built so that they don't have to jump the whole waterfalls, they just have to jump little bits at a time.  It's still not easy for them.  They gotta really want those babies.  I think that they die after laying too, so they should probably just not swim upstream.  I'm not sure that's factua, but it sounds right.  Or maybe I'm thinking of spiders. 

So every year at Thanksgiving we would go to the salmon ladder and watch them jump.
The Salmon Ladder.  It's on the far side.  I couldn't get an actual picture of the ladder. 

One year, I wanted to go, because it was tradition.  For some unknown reason my parents didn't want to go.  So I got my pout on.  I'm a ginger, I get angry easily.  So my dad found some cans of salmon in the cupboard and started throwing them up the stairs of the deck.  He said "there you go, the salmon are jumping".  I did not find it funny at the time.  I guess it's kind of funny now.


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