Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Turkey and Stuffing and Pie, Oh My!

Prepare yourself for a picture heavy post.  A lot happened this weekend.  So much that I feel like I need to take two more days off work to recover.  I am le tired. 

We started out on Friday by Ryan and I going out for a delicious dinner followed by cupcakes with my family.

Saturday I watched a bunch of movies, baked a bunch of goodies and attended a stag and doe.  No pictures of those events.  Sorry.

Sunday morning we got up and prepared to head up to the cottage.  We took a few back roads in order to enjoy the fall colours.  I took this picture, but I don't think it does it justice.  It was gorgeous.
Most of the family was up at the cottage for dinner.  I got out my fiddle for like the first time in five years.  The rest of the family seemed to move further and further to the other end of the cottage, I'm not sure why.

Cards were played.  A cottage tradition. 

Sunday we went out to Ryan's parents.  Of course we went on the traditional thanksgiving hike.  I took a bunch of pictures on manual, trying to get some cool lighting.  I failed.

I climbed a tree stand.  No I didn't.  This is as far as I would go.  I thought I was going to fall.

Then we had venison and moose for Ryan's birthday/Thanksgiving dinner.  If you've never had venison, don't judge.  It's delicious! 


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  1. I love venison...it really has the best flavor! Sounds like a great weekend. Love the fall colors. Our leaves are just starting to change!