Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Oh Nuts

Isn't that what you wanted to see on a Wednesday morning.  It is hump day.  Or not.  So that's what I had to look at on my way home yesterday.  Unfortunately for me, the truck nuts viewings seem to happen more often than they should.  I know I'm from the country, but we aren't all like this.  And they aren't always the same ones.  It's upsetting.  It's revolting.  It distracts me while I'm driving because I'm throwing up a little bit in my mouth.  Who buys these?  Seriously. 

That's all I've got for today.  Here's hoping that none of you are subjected to looking at these any time soon.


  1. I saw some of these for the first time in my hometown the other day. I laughed histerically, but I feel like if I saw them frequently it'd be gross.

  2. i've never seen anything like that here in indonesia. haha, i might be laughing when i see thing like this for the first time, but if i keep seeing this thing, it's just gross!