Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Our Stag and Doe

Eventually I will get to discussing my actual wedding, probably around anniversary time, but for now, let's look at some pre-wedding events!  This upcoming weekend is the anniversary of a very important event!
Last Thanksgiving, our wedding party held a stag and doe for us.  I think that a Stag and Doe is kind of a small town thing.  City people have better things to do.  But in our town, the only thing to do on the weekend is go to stag and does.
Our fantastic wedding party
Basically it's a fundraiser for a couple getting married. 

There are drinks sold.
There are games.  We had Crown and Anchor and a Toonie Toss.  I played Crown and Anchor, but it was pretty risk free.  All of the profit was coming back to us, so I just borrowed money from the Crown and Anchor guy and played with that.  Now that's my kind of gambling.

Our Crown and Anchor Man - he did a fantastic job!
There is a raffle table.  Because who doesn't love prizes.   
The raffle table
Oh and of course there is dancing.  The highlight for me was when Sexy and I Know It was played.  Three times.

This would be me dancing with someone other than the groom - don't worry, it was just an old family friend
Our Stag and Doe was a great success and was such a fun night!  The second most fun night of my life!  It's amazing having a hall full of people that you know.  

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  1. Wow! that's so cool! Never heard of it before.