Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Keeping Up With the Lohans

Let's talk about the hot mess that is Lindsay Lohan.

I used to love Lindsay. Back in her Parent Trap days.  It was my favourite movie.  I wanted to be her.  Because of the red hair and all.  Then came Mean Girls.  Phenomenal movie.  I'm still quoting it.

Then came this.

And there went her career.

So I'm reading this article on last night (when I was supposed to be studying).  I'm going to take a few quotes from it (is that ok?):

Lindsay called her dad and said:
"Dad, she's on cocaine.  She's like touching her neck, and s**t" ..."
Really Lindsay?  You want to judge your mom for using cocaine?  Fair enough.  I guess that's something a mom shouldn't do.
Oh and apparently her and her mom got in a fight while leaving a club at 4am.  First of all, who goes clubbing with their daughter?  It's just weird.  Secondly, when your daughter is supposed to be a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, probably shouldn't be going to the club with her.  Just a thought.  And a little parenting tip.
You know the fight was pretty bad, because Lindsay called her dad!  The one she hates because he introduced her to cocaine and constantly talks to the media about her.  
This family is a train wreck.  How great does your family seem right now?


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  1. I really feel so sorry for her...she is obviously so lost!! I agreeeeeeee - what mom goes clubbing with their recovering daughter?!