Tuesday, 12 June 2012


I crack myself up, even though I'm really not funny.  This weekend was full of events.  It started with a campfire at my parents on Friday night.  Saturday was full of indoor cleaning activities as it was raining.  Saturday night was my Grandma's 80th birthday party, but I had a blog fail and didn't take pictures.  Sunday was gardening day, followed by a graduation party for my cousin.  Blog success, I whipped out the camera and got a few pics.  It was one of those weekends that was so busy that I felt like I needed two more days off to recover.  But it was fun filled as well!

My Aunt and Uncle live in a restored mill.  As this was an outdoor party, I don't have any pictures of the amazing job that they have done inside.  But their property is pretty neat too. 

Sunday was stifling hot.  30 degrees or something.  Everyone at the party kind of shuffled around to wherever the shady spot was.
There was some canoeing, some fishing, some drinking, some frisbeer.  There was something for everyone! 
 My brother enjoys bouncing this bridge while I am on it.  I don't enjoy that. 
Little J Man got his feet wet.  I think he liked that.  His mom didn't so much like the leech that found its way onto his foot.

So congratulations to Ryley and his GF Jenn for graduating from university.  It was tough, but you made it!  In the words of Ryley's very intelligent father: "You're a big boy now".  (It kind of loses something when you can't hear me saying it.)

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