Monday, 18 June 2012

The Wedding Events Begin!

This summer we have two weddings for two very special couples.  Ryan's sister Amy is getting married July 28, and my friend and bridesmaid Michaela is getting married on August 4.  This makes for a busy summer.  Saturday the events started out with a shower for Amy followed by a stag and doe for Michaela and Dan.

Amy's colours for the wedding, and favourite colour is lime green.  This shower was lime green overload!  Not only was all the decor lime, but all the gifts were too!  Amy didn't really want a shower, and her and Jamie have been wanting to build a deck for a few years, so we had a deck party.  Everyone was to give gift cards for building a deck and little items that they can use on the deck.  I sure hope she doesn't get sick of green!

The bride to be and her mother

The bows went onto a hardware store apron

Next up was the stag and doe.  Apparently stag and does are Southern Ontario events.  It is a big party held in a hall that is meant to raise money for the couple to start their married life.  There are drinks for sale, raffles and games.  

Ryan and Tali found a game of beer pong and took it very seriously.

The bride to be had a great time.  Here she is with her maid of honour.

I won an afghan that was made by Michaela's grandma, and a Rob Marshall Toronto Rock jersey.  Rob is Michaela's cousin and plays for the Toronto Lacrosse Team.  I was super excited! I can't wait to go to a game and wear it.  I never win anything at Stag and Doe's so I was pretty shocked that I won two things.

Of course we did see both of our fathers on Sunday too.  But I was much too tired to take pictures of those events!  We headed out for Brunch at Ryan's parents in the morning, went home for a much needed nap and then went over to my parents for dinner.  It was a good, but busy weekend.  I'm so looking forward to heading up to the cottage next weekend and just sitting on the deck, soaking in the sun.

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