Wednesday, 13 June 2012


We have decided on a name.  Oliver it is.  Or Ollie.  He is freakin' cute.  We love him. 
So let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start....

We missed our Opie pup and decided that a house without a dog was no good (except my house, that's fine).  So we were on a crazy puppy hunt.  We wanted a dog similar in size to Opie (about 25 lbs), somewhat close to home and not too expensive.  Well this was hard to come by.  I started looking into miniature golden doodles.  They are like $2000.  Who spends that on a dog?  Finally I found Oliver and his siblings on kijiji.  They were down the road from work, so I went to check them out.
Oliver is a schnoodle, which is what Opie was.  His dad is a schnauzer/poodle and his mom is a poodle.  He met all of the criteria except he will probably only be between 10 and 15 lbs. 

Later that same night, Tali, Brady and I went to look at some whoodles (wheaten poodles).  They were cute, as most puppies are, but we decided that we already knew the pros and cons of a schnoodle and we kind of wanted to go with that breed.  So the next day, they went to see Oliver and he came home with them!  He was the most playful in the litter, the biggest, and the only black one.  We didn't want one that looked too much like Opie and both of his brothers that were left were blonde.

He is a good pup so far.  Very few accidents.  He just kind of follows his people around.  And sleeps. 
I'm trying to see him frequently because I wanted him to love me.  I am his designated babysitter after all. 

He came over to visit Pipsi on Monday night.  I don't know if she liked him.  I think that she wants to be friends, but on her terms.  She's such a cat.
  Once Oliver was asleep she got a little bit closer.  Pretty nervy there Pips.

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