Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sometimes & Always #2

I'm linking up with Megan again over at Mackey Madness for Sometimes and Always. 

Sometimes I want to call in sick to work and have a lazy day
Always I drag my butt out of bed and get ready to go

Sometimes I want to get a donut after work
Always I think that I don't really need it and resist the urge

Sometimes I wish that I was a better housewife
Always I would rather sit on the couch than do chores

Sometimes I don't want to work out when I get home from work
Always I feel so much better once I do

Sometimes I wish Oliver lived with us
Always I'm glad that we aren't tied down with a dog and can just borrow this one

What a cute lil nugget


  1. Just stopping by from Mackey Madness. What kind of dog is Oliver? He is so cute and reminds me of my little black poodle, Jingles. He died 2 years ago when he was almost 14, and I still miss him. We sort of grew up together. I also wish I was a better "housewife" but I am thankful for a husband who pitches in and helps (well he does almost all of it) since I am working and going to school. I think some husbands these days are better than their predecessors when they really pitch in and help with the housework when both work. Kudos to you for resisting the urge to stay in bed, eat that donut, and not exercise. I hope you are enjoying your new marriage!

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Oliver is a Schnoodle (Schnauzer/Poodle) But he has more poodle in him than Schnauzer.
      And yes, I think husbands are much more well rounded these days, well at least mine is! Glad you got a good one too!

  2. I always dread working out until I actually work out. I feel so much better after I do it.

  3. I would SO much rather watch tv than actually do any work! Haha!

    Thanks for linking up!!