Monday, 11 June 2012

Culinary Tour

A couple weeks ago we went on a culinary tour of Elora.  Mom, Tali, Grandma and I decided it was a nice Saturday afternoon activity.  We went around to 7 different local restaurants and they gave us samples of some of their food. 
We started at the Village Olive Grove, where we did an olive oil and vinegar tasting.  It was actually really neat to learn about the difference between regular olive oil and the good stuff. To taste the vinegar you dip some raw sugar in it to counter off the acidity. 

They also gave us a sample of Mapleton's Organic dandilion ice cream.  It sounds weird but it was so good! The taste was kind of a mixture of coffee and peanut butter. Yummy!
Next up was East Mill Tapas. It's a newer restaurant in town that I had never been to.
They served us a bacon wrapped scallop.  The sauce had jalapeno in it.  I was very wary of it at first because I am not a seafood person, but it was amazing!
Next up was The Cellar.  They served us calamari on a bed of mixed greens.  As I said, not a seafood person here, and this went a bit too far for my liking.  But I gave it a try, and I'm proud of myself for that. 
The Cellar has a patio right on the river.  It's very scenic.

 Then we walked up the street to Cork.  They gave us salmon, a purple (or was it blue) potatoe and fiddleheads.  I have never been to Cork either and I think I will be going back to have their salmon again sometime.  I can handle salmon, but it's not generally something that I would order in a restaurant.  I think I would order this though.

 Then we crossed the road to the pastry store.  The night before the tour my mom had bought a cheesecake from here for my brother's birthday.  Their cheesecakes are to die for.  It makes me want one.  Right now.  I think it was Baclava that they gave us there.  I remember what it tastes like, don't entirely remember what it was called. 
Next up was the Shepherd's Pub where we tried some beer.  Even mom tried beer for the first time!  It wasn't the best beer for her to try because it was pretty strong.  It was even strong for Tali and I and we are used to beer.

Clearly I had forgotten about my camera by this point.  The last stop on our tour was Cafe Creperie.  Another place I have never been despite the fact that I love love love crepes!  The first sample was a salmon crepe.  It must have been seafood day, and honestly I was a bit seafooded out by this point.  Then they brought out a dessert crepe.  I think it was butter and brown sugar.  So good.  I definitely need to make a point go back there.  I have my eye on the nutella and strawberry crepe!
 It was a neat little thing to do in town.  You often don't think to do these touristy things when they are so close to you.  We got to see the inside of some new restaurants and try out their food.  It's great promotion for them! I will definitely be having a meal sometime soon at most of these restaurants!


  1. Elora, Ontario?! I am from Burlington :) I love finding Canadian bloggers!