Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Dreaded Garden

A couple weekends ago I finally paid some attention to my gardens.  I thought if I didn't look at them they didn't exist.  Unfortunately this isn't the case and everyone else who drives by can still see my gardens. Blech.  (That's a disgusted noise). 

I thought they looked pretty good originally.  But apparently you do need to weed them and kind of tidy them up or else they get out of control.  We have gardens all the way around the house.  I haven't decided whether I like that or not yet. 

Here is what they all looked like before their makeover.

Ahhhh shrub overload!

One big change was to pull out the two big trees in front of our porch to open it up. 

 Here is the new and improved but not yet completed version. 

This front garden is somewhat impossible.  This garden is just not working for me.  I think that more needs to be taken out.  But it was too much for one day.  I got scared.

We need to go dig up some hostas from my parents garden to fill in this space.  For now it is much more option.  Good choice I say.

We pulled out a whole shrub in the corner.  Who knew there were more plants underneath it! 


Overall, the gardens have improved.  But they still need work.  So much work.  I just want them to look nice and be low maintenance. 

I don't think that Ryan dislikes gardening as much as I do.  He was kind of in his glory.  Pulling out trees, using the hedge trimmer, driving around on the garden tracker sweeping up the clippings.  It's kind of his thing.  It's kinda not mine. 

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