Monday, 25 June 2012

Crazy Weekends

This past weekend was kind of the best of everything.  I took Friday off and headed up to the cottage around 11 with my Mom, sister, brother and my brother's girlfriend.  Later on Ryan and my Dad joined us along with my cousin and some other friends.

Friday started out with some sandcastle building, some ladder ball, and Oliver frolicking in the sand.  He loves it outdoors and he loved the cottage.

 It was an awesome and relaxing weekend up at the cottage just laying in the sun.  Most people drank.  I read.  We all ate. 

We had some campfires.  And a pontoon boat ride.  We were out there on the open, moterboatin'.  (Don't get it? Watch this).

Sunday I forgot about my camera.  We headed home in the morning, which wasn't too hard because it was an overcast day.  I had a bridal shower for a good friend.  It was great to get to experience it with her.  It brought back all the memories of my engagement and it's so exciting that she is experiencing all of the same things right now. 

Then we had a lovely couple over for dinner.  They made dinner, I made dessert.  Then we played Cranium.  Girls vs Boys.  The boys won. I guess that's only fair because we always beat them at Catch Phrase.  It was great to spend time with some people that we don't often get to hang out with. 

It was a great weekend filled with family, friends, relaxing and fun. 

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