Friday, 8 June 2012


I have been MIA for a reason.  I had a tax exam last night that I have been frantically studying for and I would not allow myself to use blogging as procrastination.  Now I have three full days of freedom before my next course starts!  I feel the need to write an update post.  It will lack pictures.  I'm sorry.  Both because I wrote this before work and I don't have time to find any and upload them and because I haven't even had time to take pictures this past week.
So here's what's been going on around here.
  • I studied, I wrote, I hope I passed
  • I don't know what Ryan did, he did activities while I studied
  • Pipsi decided to climb an ironing board.  She crazy
  • My house got really dirty
  • I actually cleaned the shower before work this morning - that's a first
  • We went on a puppy search (for my parents, not for me)
  • We found a puppy
  • They brought him home

This little fella deserves his own post.  But I will need to load that up with cute pictures of course!

We know you are supposed to wait to get a new dog and properly grieve for your old one.  But the new puppy will not stop the grieving of Opie I'm sure.  He was a good dog, and this puppy can't fill his shoes.  But I'm sure everyone will grow to love him just as much!  The house just seems very empty when you lose a dog, plus my mom had reasons why she wanted to get one ASAP.  They are empty nesters in the fall (gasp!), and they want a puppy to have time to bond with my brother and sister.  Plus, my sis is getting her tonsils out in July and will have three whole weeks at home to cuddle with him and bond!

The big question is: what do they name him?  We are having some trouble coming to an agreement.  So could the three people who read this help me out?  Options are Oliver, Newman, Henry, Finn (short for Finnigan), Dexter, or we are open to other suggestions.

So that's all folks.   

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