Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Growing Up So Fast

The Pipperstink turns 2 today!  And I'm a terrible cat mom and forgot to get her a fancy feast.  That's right, we like to make a big deal out of our cat's birthday around here.  Some day when we have kids we will think about how ridiculous we used to be when we treated our cat like a baby....
A year ago
Anyways.  So I thought I would share what Pipsi has been up to lately.

 I started a puzzle and Pipsi thinks that the pieces are toys.  We go downstairs and they are just everywhere.  
 This weekend, Ryan built her a fort.  She loved it! There's nothing that cat likes better than a fort.  She sat in there for awhile, came out, and then went back in.  It's cold out, I would rather be in a fort too.
 Lately she loves when we shower because it means that that thing in there drips!  She just sits on the edge of the shower waiting for the drip so that she can swat it.  Oh to be entertained the way a cat is...
I walked into the bedroom one day and saw this.  I will never understand her fascination with climbing behind the dresser drawers.

What did we do with our time before we became crazy cat people?  


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