Friday, 7 March 2014

What I Do At Work

I don't generally think much about my office job, because it's just what I do.  But one time, my friend who is a teacher asked me what I do everyday and how I know what I need to do.  I had never really thought about this before.  As a teacher, you go to school and you know that you have to teach every day.  A doctor goes to work and has appointments that they have to follow.  But what do I do as an accountant and how do I know what needs to be done?

First of all, I am an accountant at an insurance company.  So I deal with daily financial transactions that are made and recording things for the financial statements.  Well that's a simplified job description.  There are many different types of accountants and the jobs can vary drastically.

I have tasks that need to be completed daily, weekly and monthly.  Over time, I have just learned what these tasks are and know that they need to be done.  I know what my daily tasks are so that's easy, I just go into work and do them every day.  For everything else, I kind of schedule myself.  I know what needs to be done each month and when it needs to be done by.  I write them all in my calendar.  Mostly this isn't a strict schedule, more of a guideline.  It's basically a lot of time management and planning my own schedule.

Sometimes random things come up that take priority, and in most cases, my regular tasks aren't on a strict enough schedule and I can do them.  Take yesterday for example, I basically didn't ever get to doing what I thought I was going to do.  But that's ok.  It's what keeps life interesting.
I enjoy my job because it does vary.  I'm not doing the exact same thing every day and that keeps it interesting.  Yes I just said that being an accountant can be interesting.  

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