Monday, 10 March 2014

The Start of My Birthday Week

Wow that makes me sound like one of those people who makes sure that they see everyone they know for their birthday, demands that they all go to the bar with them and that the entire week is all about them.

That's not me.  I promise.  I really don't demand anything. It just seems that by the time we have had a birthday dinner with Ryan's family, my family and Ryan and I just do something, a whole week of celebrating has happened.  I'm 27, most people don't care that it's my birthday and I'm ok with that.  (Frankly, most of the time I don't even care that it's my birthday.)

So yesterday was the beginning of that as we went to Ryan's parents for my birthday dinner.

It started out with gifts of course.  I got some camera filters, seasons 3 & 4 of Friends for my viewing pleasure, and some new Toms.
Toms with laces.  I didn't even know these existed!  And I'm glad I looked up with picture, because I should tuck the laces in like that instead of tying them....

Anyways, dinner of course was delicious and that's the part of birthdays that I love the most.  The food and the dessert.  So much goodness in one week!  Oh and cheesecake....I really love cheesecake.


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