Tuesday, 25 March 2014

If you could see my browser history....

If you looked at my browser history you would see:

All of the trip plans for a Vegas vacation.  

Flights and rental cars were figured out.  We were hiking to this gorgeous location.
Picture of Havasu Falls, Grand Canyon, Arizona
Havasu Falls

This is Havasu Falls.  There are a group of waterfalls down in the Grand Canyon.  The only way to get to them is to either do a 10 mile hike or take a helicopter, but we're ambitious and wanted to do the hike!

Had amazing rates at Harrah's in Las Vegas. 
Harrahs Casino
Unfortunately to do that hike you apparently need to book more than a month in advance...So the trip is off.  Hopefully some day before we are too old to hike 10 miles each way and sleep on the ground we will be able to do it.  I did look into other locations at the Grand Canyon, but it being only a month ahead of time, and trying to book Easter weekend just didn't work for me.

Also in that history are searches for Vacations to Costa Rica.  This girl right here is really sick of winter and needs to get away from reality.  Unfortunately Costa Rica vacations have yet to drop their prices by $800 per person.  Shocker.
Costa Rica
Then there are searches for trailers.  Because I have now convinced myself that it's ok to spend this money and so it must be spent!  

So all that is on my mind right now is trips, trips and camping trips.

Clearly summer can't come soon enough.


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