Monday, 17 March 2014

ShamRockin' at The Rock Game

Apparently I have some pretty good luck at Stag and Doe raffles when it comes to the Toronto Rock.  A few weeks ago at my friend's Stag and Doe, I won 2 tickets to a Toronto Rock Lacrosse game.  So on Saturday afternoon Ryan and I headed down to Toronto for the game.  

We started with dinner at the Pickle Barrel.  At 4:00.  Yes we are seniors.... But really we hadn't really eaten lunch so we just decided to eat early.  

Then we walked down to the game.  We had some great seats.  Unfortunately The Rock lost.  But the first half of the game was great.  The second half...well let's just say it wasn't so great.  

We also had our row selected in the game for everyone to win a $10 Tim Card.  So basically we were paid $20 to go to this game...

The other half of my luck is in regards to the jersey.  2 years ago at another Stag and Doe I won a signed Rob Marshall jersey.  I was pretty excited to finally get to wear it! (Because I don't generally just wear a jersey around the house.)  Plus Rob got his first goal of the season at this game, so it was a perfect game to break out the jersey for!  I must be good luck.  (Even though I don't think he even knew I was there wearing his jersey.)
I was wearing a skirt...the jersey is a bit big
My cousin volunteers for The Rock and we had some other friends there, so we all went out for drinks and snacks after the game. 

I've got to say, having some free tickets was great because we had a great night out and really didn't spend very much money.  That's my kind of night out!

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