Tuesday, 3 July 2012

15 Day Challenge - Day 3

{Day 3} Tell us about an article of clothing that you are deeply attached to

Generally speaking, I don't think I really get attached to my clothes.  I would say the most important piece of clothing in my wardrobe is my plain lululemon groove pants.  A spark flew on them the other night at the camp fire and I had a minor panic attack.  Those things cost like $100 to replace!

Pros to Lulu clothes:
  • they are comfy
  • they make your butt look awesome
  • they are comfy
  • on fat days, they still feel great
  • they are comfy
  • lululemons are the track pants that you can get away with wearing all the time
  • They don't allow me to wear them to work.  I have a pair of pinstripe lulus that I think I could fool them with, but I haven't built up the nerve yet
My sister and I decked out in lulu....what else would you wear on a Sunday?

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