Monday, 23 July 2012


This was our weekend off.  We have two weddings this summer (coming up the next two weekends) and this was the one weekend where there were no showers, bachelorette parties etc.  Well for me anyways, I guess Ryan has had a pretty free summer but I have been busy busy.

So what did we do on our weekend off? We went to a grad party on Friday, a wedding reception on Saturday and an engagement party on Sunday.  I guess it wasn't really a weekend off.

I did take a picture taking break though.  So all I have pictures from is the wedding reception.  And those pictures were minimal.  And not very good.  It was a very small wedding, for two of my parents friends, who my mom happened to set up.  Yup my mom is the next Millionaire Matchmaker.  We have been friends with Terry our whole lives, he is like an uncle to us.  So we were invited out to their place for a little gathering after the wedding meal.  And because I feel the need to post something about my weekend, here are a few (most) of the pictures that I took.
My sister and one of the groom's sons

The happy couple

Ryan and Tali enjoying the party

The Bride and Groom

It was pretty dark, as you can see by my pictures.  Due to a fire ban, we were circled around a tea light.  But everyone had a good time.  I'm so happy for this couple that have a second chance at love.  I wish them many years of happiness.

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