Friday, 20 July 2012

Friday Letters

Time for a link up with Ashley for some Friday Letters.

Dear Husband: Thank you for putting up with me lately.  I have been a real downer.  I'm going to try and turn my frown upside down.  Dear Pipsi: You are a crazy rascal.  That is all.  Dear people getting married: Don't do it in the summer (sorry friends who are getting married in the summer but it's how I feel).  Dear Summer: Slow down and give me a weekend of peace so that I can enjoy your sunshine Dear Saturday: I have a lot to do, but really need a tan.  Please be the slowest day ever so I can fit it all in. Dear Body: It's so nice outside, why don't you like to run? You force me to workout inside and I don't appreciate it Dear Starbucks: You make my world go round

Happy Friday to all!

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