Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Digging Through the Basement

Once in a while, I wander down to the "Garage Sale" section of our basement.  I mean this in the least negative way possible.  We got a lot of wedding and shower gifts, and I just didn't open all of the boxes at once.  Our cupboards are pretty full, so we have some shelves in the basement that hold everything from our wedding that hasn't been opened yet.  I'm just waiting to see whether I need it or not before I get all excited and open that box. 

Note: I feel really awful saying that we don't use everything we got, because I appreciate every single present.  But sometimes you just don't need 9 metal mixing bowls in your cupboard.  Or more than 5 cookie sheets. And by garage sale, I don't mean I'm going to sell it in a garage sale, I mean that it's like a garage sale when you go through it and find new stuff that you need.

Anywho, I was actually looking for a box to wrap a gift in, and I came across these beauties. 

These little guys absolutely did not belong in the garage sale section.  I had put a donkey on my registry as a joke (some people took it seriously).  Who doesn't want a donkey? So cute! Well my grandma's dear friends looked high and low for these.  They are donkey salt and pepper shakers.  It was so sweet of them to find them and they were so excited about giving them to me!  So now, they live up in the china cabinet.   I think they are much happier there than in the bottom of a bag in the basement.

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