Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bachelorette - Men Tell All Recap

I did my own little recap as I was watching the Bachelorette Men Tell All Special last night.  Just because I have been wanting to comment/make fun of this show all season.  So here are my little thoughts.

  • Chris (not Harrison) is crazy
  • Wolf is wearing pink track pants? After what he wore on his one on one date with Emily I don't know why I'm surprised.  He needs a woman ASAP.
  • Doug's son was mentioned very rarely in this episode!
  • The only thing I like about Ryan is that he calls out Chris
  • Is anyone getting in line to date Ryan? Anyone? No? He seems like such a catch
  • Chris is insane.  Have I mentioned that?
  • Is Chris a ginge who dyes his hair? He gets really angry.
  • Everyone seems to like Sean.  I guess that means my sister's chances of dating him are slim.
  • How awkward must it be for Sean to watch his exit interview while on national TV.  I feel bad for him.
  • When Emily walks out, all the guys ant to jump her bones
  • Seems like they might be plugging Sean for the Bachelor? I hope so
  • I think Emily actually has a great personality and is very funny but they are awful at editing her and don't show it.  They want everything to be so romantic, but part of romance is having fun with a person and goofing around.  I wish they would show bloopers all season.
  • This show made her tough.  She isn't a pushover
  • Chris Harrison says this is one of the best seasons ever.  Really? I disagree. Wasn't the worst though either.
So there we have it.  My little play by play.  Once I fast forwarded through the first half hour where they just showed recaps and talked about Bachelor Pad it wasn't bad.  Just one more episode until we find out that Emily is most likely single! Something weird is going to go down that's for sure.  I can't wait to get my Monday nights back.  Oh wait, then I have to watch the Bachelor Pad.
This post would be incomplete without a picture of Sean

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